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I have been trying to practise my sketching keeping hand and eye cordinated.  I really should have been sketching people but found myself drawn to windows.  Noticing the pattern and rhythms created in the repeated shapes.  Simple line and textures creating blocks of colour in framed fields.  I was struck by the lines that crossed each breaking routine within a set pattern. After sketching I recreated them in Illustrator to allow for repetition of basic form.  I first built the window frame with working pieces that would slide up and down to allow for cross-over and repositioning to mimic the differing heights across the pattern.  When satisfied with the working model I copied and built the repeat moving the internal frame to change the levels.  Then built the underling pieces of ‘curtain’ or object to appear beneath the frame.

It has given a pleasing effect one that I shall play with more.  The next step being to strip colour and reduce line and increase repeats to create pattern.  The aim to transpose into crochet pattern to inform texture for laser cut yarns.