Dye Recipes



Using Dyeing cotton, Linen or Viscose Rayon with reactive dyes Procion MX Cold following the measurements for medium so –


“1.0 to 1.5gms of Procion MX 60gms salt 8gms of Soda Ash”



A medium sized mixing bow was used as a dye bath

2 Litres         hot water was used

3 level           dessertspoons of salt

¼tsp               Procion dye *Bottle Green


Soda Ash was diluted in a separate bowl in order to allow reuse of the dye bath.

8gms                         Soda Ash


2nd use of dye bath

⅛tsp.                            Procion Dye *Brown/red



In both uses all pieces of fabric were placed in the bath then pieces were removed at intervals.


Bath 1 Times of removal






Recipe 1

18.5gms Acid Dye *easidye Moss

2.0gms Ammonium

½ dessertspoon


Recipe 2

18.5gms Acid Dye *easidye Moss

6.0gms Ammonium

½ dessertspoon


Submergence and Removal Times In Out
1   10mins
2 2mins 12mins
3 4mins 14mins
4 6mins 16mins
5 8mins 18min




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