Machine Embroidery

David Maisel’s photography collection “Terminal Earth” has been a leading inspiration in colour and technique exploration. The images displayed here have been used to inspire a collection of hand/machine embroidery, displayed here along with the original artwork created from the photographs.

I enjoy sketchout idea with machine thread and whatever there is to hand. The artwork as a guide and expression of stitch, mind and hand step forward as the machine rumbles and thought is focused. The ideas that flow from needle and tread are food for thought bringing life and colour to ideas. It feels good to let it out.

I used squares from the hand brushed fabric spamples crated int the Brush technique experiment. The square form was selected to represent the patchwork square traditionally use in basic quilting and echo the shapes of the evaporation ponds in the original imagery.

Avenues to explore

  • To up scale the samples
  • Introduce ways of adding texture to fields of colour
  • Move scanned samples into Illustrator to experiment in machine embroidery.
  • Refined small samples for individual use on products such as
    • Bags
    • Cushions
    • Place Mats
    • Patch Pocket details.
  • The small ideas can be explanded in detail and explored in colour and pushed forward to form more individual pieces or a large faux patchwork piece.
  • The Scanned artwork and embroidery can be taken into Photoshop and manipulated to create digital print designs for interior or fashion design.

Working on these samples re-engaged me with previously learned techniques and will always be a way of expressing my idea as much as using mixed media art materials. I must remember to start here as well as dream big.


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