Experimenting with screen foiling velvet using a variety of adhesives and their application.

  • Screen foil glue
    • Roller
    • Brush
  • Bonda web
  • Bonding powder

Then using the heat press to adhere the foil to the various glues.  Results were satisfying and delivered a series of possibilities to be retested and moved forward.  The aims of the trials are to discover a pleasing aesthetic that would also give enough foil density to trial in laser etching and embroidery; to render the design visible.20160316_102049

Inspiration for the fabric aesthetic came from viewing the Chancellor’s purse at the Holbourne museum. The fabric’s worn and faded and in places threadbare, the lived in look adding to its value and respectful age.20151124_155709



In testing proved too dense making the fabric un-pliable for stitching although would work well in laser etching but the foiled area lacked texture and desired worn appearance.


Bonding Powder

This gave a desirable sprinkle twinkle to the foiling, although the application of the powder needs to be refined to give an even effect or controlled to use in designed line. For this trial it will remain untested as the foiling is not dese enough to show the laser etch or embroidery as it is too busy.20160316_101620


Practise needed in getting even coverage but a pleasing effect giving the appearance of distressed painted surfaces. Again the trail will be left to a later time, as before the foil coverage is too busy.


Although the glue has been too heavily applied the coverage is sufficiently dense and even to move on the further trials to improve glue application, with a view to move into laser etching and embroidery.


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