Using ex-hire bed sheets in an experiment in mark making using a brush and screen-print pigments. The aims of the trial to enhance upcycled fabric to then test the appearance after laser shredding for use as yarn.


Securing the material to the table I applied the diluted pigment in strokes across the length to have the colour vary in density as the stroke went from application to faded end. The inspiration for this technique came from a visit to the Tate Modern viewing a painting displayed in Techniques and Process exhibit by Lee Ufan called From Line 1978.  The philosophy of the piece speaking through the stroke application appearing at first bright vibrant dense transforming, diminishing, thinning and vanishing; echoing life vibrant and full to the waning and end. Connection all things have a beginning and end.  How can we extend the life and when it’s over has it truly vanished or merely transformed?

Lee Ufan 1936 From Line 1978 Oil paint and glue on canvas

Exploring the brush stroke learning to reduce the amount of pigment on brush where to start and finish. Thus increasing the desirable aesthetic.


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