I wanted to experiment with visible mending but without alienating my daughter too much.  I choose colours compliment the colours of the garment.  Stitching was a calming experience,  moment when everything around you becomes still or irrelevant. At peace with the process even on the point of anger when it becomes fiddly. Experience shows that  tranquility is the only way to sew.

Lessons learned froths experience is to better prepare and allow extra material for the turn under to hide raw edges thus relieving the the issue of fiddly narrowness on this experience.

Moving forward the experience will lead me to further experiments in visual mending but only as they arise. With each working skills and knowledge will grow adding the story of the garment.  This will increase the sentimental value and reduce the likely-hood of early garment discard.


This is the inside of the jeggins. Using blanket stitch to secure the patch which is a piece of an old tie.


Here’s the outside nearing completion. Tidying up the torn edges with blanket stitch revealing the textile pattern of the patch.


Finished and with the tools used.



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