Further Reading

On continuing the journey in research after looking for personal cultural context I extend the search to Japan and Saki-Ori. A weaving technique that uses strips of cotton as weft and bast fibre threads as warp.  This technique came about out of need at first solely from bast fibre but then using cotton which at that time was a cloth of the rich. Poor rural workers would purchase second hand rags and pieces and then weave strips of fabric in narrow strips which would be joined and fashioned into overgarments for protection of wear in manual labouring. The style and fabrics used varied from village to village.

During this time I then read of an aesthetic philosophy that sat well with the sustainable, earth honouring and “rustic” aesthetic my work takes on. It  is Wabi-Sabi, a feeling almost intangible, also originating in Japan and associated with the tea ceremony.


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