Treasured possessions and Memories

My earliest memory of a possession was actually a Christmas one. We were waiting to move into a newly built house and was spending Christmas with my mother’s parents, Nanny and Pampy.  I sleeping on a sun-lounger top and tailing with my younger sister.  I can’t actually remember opening the gift from Santa but I can remember the object in good detail.  It was a miniature range come Welsh dresser with a stove, oven, shelves and pans; a creamy white colour with red and blue trim. I clearly remember playing with the miniature pots and pans being fascinated with how small they were.

Over the years there have been several objects that have stayed in my memory. They were special in different ways quite often relating to a memory or good for a specific purpose. When these items were lost or broken, not usually by me, I grieved their loss knowing that the memory would linger but the physicality of a deep desire was gone.

Many objects today are here today gone tomorrow with no hidden meaning or value. Society has built an attitude that under-values almost everything. Instant gratification being the greatest achievement and if not for-filled no value is placed in it.




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