Brain splurge





Obsessed with the words Rhythm, Harmony, Melody.  Pattern Balance Resonate. Still not sure if resonate really fits. Wanted another word that would work instead of melody or sing.  (If something works really well together it sings).

The words came from looking into Mondrian and De Stijl and the phrase that came up was “Balance without symmetry”. Realising I often use this while creating textiles. Wanting to deliver piece that looks great but not too contrived.

Something else that seemed to sit well with this movement was the zooming out of losing detail, revealing a bigger picture. This connected with the ariel photography and environmental issues. We are worrying about small detail when we should be more concerned with the larger environmental picture.  The human populations are reaching maximum capacity by the end of this centuary it will be unsustainable. Things are to change sooner rather than later. Humans have already altered the world in a fraction of the time in which the world has taken to evolve this far.

Balance is essential in all aspects of life, nature will find a way to restore harmony.  I believe for us to remain living on this planet, unlike the dinosaurs, we will need to re-adapt to natural life cycles and consider how we will help the earth.

My small part will be to live as sustainably as I can, raising awareness through what I do, wanting to reconnect people with some old values that comes from a time when people had to be resourceful and reduce, reuse and recycle as a way of life. A time not that long ago but seems almost forgotten now.  The time of make do and mend and a time before the welfare state where people had to manage with what they had.

Make do and mend and its relevance today?

Visible mending


Make do and Mend, Ministry of Information


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