Zooming Out

Something has tickled my interest. The thought of reduction and getting rid of unnecessary detail. As in Mondrian, reducing an image to vertical and horizontal line. breaking down  into geometric stripping to simplify and to place it into a grid of vertical and horizontal lines. Balance the elements but no symmetry.

I think this sits well with what I view within the David Maisel picture. It zooms out, reducing detail giving an overview which reveals far more and has its own detail on a vast scale.  Emphasising the enormity of the environmental issue. Removing the human minute detail the complexity of humanity lost, reduced, the image reveals an earthly cry.

Astronoughts have returned to earth with a altered attitude to their fellow human after seeing the world from a different perspective.  As Carl Sagan talks about the “Pale Blue Dot”

Pale Blue Dot

Ariel Photography offers a unique perspective that can remove unnecessary detail. Revealing a bigger picture, the scars left by human life that can leave us awestruck at what the human race has achieved in so short a time.




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