Dmitri V. Sarabianov, Natalia Adaskina , 1990, Liubov Popova, Thames & Hudson
Dmitri V. Sarabianov, Natalia Adaskina , 1990, Liubov Popova, Thames & Hudson

Popova had a short time of popularity in fashion and textiles.  The ideology is sound but in practise proved too tricky, the unquenchable thirst of the fashion animal proved to difficult to keep up with, and so the bright geometric patterns all but disappeared.  It was also found that society was not ready to embrace utility clothing as fashion, clothes that had practical purpose but looked beautiful.

This movement led by architects affected sculptors and designers; writers and poets.  The aspiration of the movement was to provide a better life for the majority of the people. This ideology included clothing and fabric when artist Liubov Popova entered the world of textile design for mass-production.

Popova spent some time in Paris and painted in the Golden Fleece salon under Cezanne, an influence of cubism is noted in her work. The 1920s was when Popova began in textile design after being invited to work at the First Textile Factory (Tsindel) in Moscow in 1922.  Previous to WWI designs had come straight from Paris and almost no factory had an in-house designer.  Popova was at the height of her creative ability during this period.  Although prolific her time at the factory was brief it lasted only six months before her untimely death.  About a hundred textile designs (fig. 1) and several dozen clothing designs (fig. 2 & 3) were found in her studio; at this time she was also designing posters, books and magazines, not forget she was teaching in The Material Design of the Performance.


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