1 Minute Pitch

This amazing picture is a reminder of man’s awesome achievements.  Both striking and horrifying, a realisation to what extent that humans scar the earth in its aim to live and provide.  It’s a photograph taken by David Maisel of mineral extraction ponds around Salt Lake in Utah, a site of 40,000 acres.  I’m about to embark on a two year Design MA using this image.  On this journey I aim to investigate eco dyes and fabric recycling.  To work at making these up-cycled materials desirable for reuse in garment construction.

Looking at this image my eye sees colour, line and layering.  I can feel the raw expressiveness calling to be translated into another medium making my fingers itch to start. Using brush and paint, dye, fabric and thread to translate into designs.

In my previous work as a BA Fashion student, I designed a collection of six outfits cat-walked by professional models.  I was thrilled to achieve selection to show at London Graduate Fashion week 2015 with a sustainable capsule wardrobe.

Influences for these choices have come from frugal narrowboat living, which has made me waste and consumption aware.

Through my practice I aim to bring awareness of human effects on the earth to help highlight the accepted and over looked.


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